Why Tallahassee is the Best Spot to Enjoy a Valentine’s Weekend

February 3, 2021

With Christmas just behind us and the excitement of the New Year still palpable around the country, it’s hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. The annual celebration of love in February brings out equal parts excitement and dread for many. Of course, the opportunity to celebrate your relationship with the one you love should be met with eagerness and elation, but the fear of not living up to the lofty expectations that the holiday conjures for many is real. Guests at our Tallahassee hotel, Seven Hills Suites, are fortunate enough to have all of Tallahassee at their disposal as they plan their special day with their loved ones. If you’re thinking of taking a quick Valentine’s Day weekend getaway, look no further than Tallahassee and our Tallahassee hotel, Seven Hill Suites. Keep reading to find out Why Tallahassee is the Best Spot to Enjoy a Valentine’s Weekend.

The Weather

Valentine’s Day— the internationally recognized celebration of love, romance, and intimacy falls right in the depths of winter. February is often the coldest month of the year, during which much of the country blanketed in snow and forced to seek shelter so that they can celebrate love comfortably indoors. In Tallahassee, that’s not the case. In February, the average temperature hovers between the mid-50s and high 70s, so you can get outside and enjoy all our great city has to offer during your romantic weekend.

Romantic beach walks

It’s scientifically proven that being on, near, or around the water puts us in a deeply relaxed state. Looking at the ocean or merely hearing the sound of crashing waves will put your mind at ease and wash away the many stresses of your day. So, not only are walks on the beach romantic, but they’re also good for you. Start Valentine’s day off with a relaxing drive to the beach, which is approximately 2 hours away, or end your day with a sunset beach walk with a drink in one hand and your partner’s hand in the other.

The Art District

Railroad Square, Tallahassee’s Arts and Creative District, is the ideal location for a post or pre-Valentine’s dinner romantic stroll and is just a short drive away from our Tallahassee hotel. While the Railroad Square Arts and Creative District is known for its First Friday Festival, which occurs the first Friday of each month, there’s still plenty to do and see each day of the week. Stroll Railroad Square with your partner and pop in to shop and support local Tallahassee businesses. Storefronts include vintage clothing, trendy thrift stores, local art galleries, and more.

Tallahassee’s plethora of date night restaurants

Our Tallahassee hotel, located in the heart of Florida’s bustling capital city, is located near an abundance of date night restaurants that are sure to be a hit during your Valentine’s Day weekend stay. Many of Tallahassee’s local eateries are putting on Valentine’s Day events, like Valentine’s Dinner at Alfred B. Maclay Gardens, a catered event set in Tallahassee’s historic Maclay Gardens. If you’re in the mood for Italian for the big night, +39, located inside the Urban Food Market, will serve a Valentine’s evening menu full of Italian classics. Wine lovers will rejoice when they see the extensive selection at 319 Wine and Cheese Shop, a charming, locally-owned café. Lastly, if you desire a romantic setting and upscale dishes, Mimi’s Table in the Old Town District will deliver just that.

Tallahassee’s proximity to nature

There’s no romantic setting quite like a natural one. Spend your Valentine’s Day weekend exploring Tallahassee’s many natural wonders. Set amongst rolling hills, dotted with lakes, bisected by rivers, and only a few hours from Florida’s white-sand Gulf Coast beaches, Tallahassee might just be an outdoors lovers’ paradise. With over 700 miles of nearby trails, couples can enjoy running, hiking, or biking together along scenic waterways, wooden running paths, and meandering hillside trails. If you’re keen for an aquatic adventure, marvel at Florida’s beloved Manatees, fish our many rivers and lakes, or head down to the coast for some beach time. Nature and coastal parks in and around Tallahassee include Coe Landing, Meginnis Arm Landing, Florida Caverns State Park, and Lafayette Park.

Hidden Gems with stunning romantic views

St. Marks Lighthouse lies an hour south of our Tallahassee hotel and is well worth a visit during your Valentine’s Day weekend stay. As one of the most photographed sites along the Gulf Coasts, it’s no secret that St. Mark Lighthouse is a place of raw, natural beauty set amongst a dreamy coastline. St. Marks Lighthouse is the second oldest lighthouse in Florida and the oldest lighthouse on the Gulf Coast. The current lighthouse tower was constructed in 1842. Along with climbing the stairs and taking in views of the Gulf, guests can tour the lighthouse keeper’s house, and visit the Environmental Education Building known as Nature’s Classroom.

Plenty of romantic parks

Along with the nearby coastline and Tallahassee’s many nature parks and waterways, guests at our Tallahassee hotel, Seven Hill Suites, can spend a romantic day enjoying the outdoors without venturing out of the city. Tallahassee boasts several city parks that are all perfect locations for a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend picnic. Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park is widely considered Tallahassee’s best and most romantic park, and it’s located just twelve minutes north of our Tallahassee hotel. Pack a picnic or pick up takeout from your favorite local restaurant and head to Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park. There you will stroll the cobblestone pathways and lush flower gardens, then head to Lake Hall for a lakeside picnic.

Classic Antebellum sites

While history is not always considered romantic, there’s no denying the charm of Tallahassee’s many classic Antebellum sites. The city is teeming with classic architecture and southern charm that’s just waiting to be explored. Park Avenue’s Historic District winds its way through seven different parks surrounded by historic homes and is just ten minutes away from our Tallahassee hotel.

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