How to Plan a Memorable Summer Vacation Without Overspending

April 2, 2021

Spring is in full bloom, which means summer is just around the corner. For millions of American families, the arrival of summer means it’s time to hit the road for a good old fashion summer vacation. Summer vacation is a quintessential, wholesome American experience, the memories of which you and your family will likely cherish forever. Many Americans feel as though they cannot participate in the great American tradition of summer vacations because of the sheer cost. Planning a vacation for your family can become overwhelming once you start to add up all the spending. The cost of flights, rental cars, dining out, and hotels can add up quickly to a hefty sum, so much so that many families forgo traveling altogether. That’s why the team at Seven Hills Suites put together this post, How to Plan a Memorable Summer Vacation Without Overspending. Continue reading below to learn how to plan your next trip without breaking the bank.


Stick to a budget

The number one thing you can do to save money when you travel is to make a budget and stick to it. When it comes to setting a budget for travel, the more detailed, the better. Simply having a total number of dollars you don’t want to exceed won’t cut it, as the little things tend to add up quickly. Categorize your budget to help keep track of speeding by allocating a spending limit for lodging, transportation, food, and activities. Take your budget a step further by planning your spending for each day. At our Tallahassee hotel, Seven Hills Suites, our budget-friendly, spacious rooms will help you and your family stick to a budget while you vacation in Florida this summer.


Plan ahead and do your research

Saving money on the road is all about doing your research and planning ahead. This means planning where you’re stopping on the road, where you’re eating, and where you’re staying well in advance. That way, you know exactly how much money to budget for each activity. Additionally, when you plan ahead, you can find early bird deals on nice hotel rooms (like our two-bedroom suites), activities, and flights.


Don’t eat out for every meal

Dining out as a family is a wonderful experience, but on vacation, dining out every meal will be as costly as it is fun. Rather than head to your favorite restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, pick and choose which meals you want to eat out, and make the experience special. The suites at our Tallahassee hotel, Seven Hills Suites, make it easy to stay in for some meals with our highly equipped kitchenettes. So, skip the expensive brunches and save your money for a memorable dinner out on the town as a family.


Pack snacks for the road and airport

Keeping yourself and your family fed on the road is no easy feat. Whether you are road tripping across the country or flying, constantly stopping for snacks will take a heavy toll on your back pocket. Rather than buying snacks at the airport or on the road, pack snacks from home. Additionally, when you pack your own snacks, you can ensure you and your family are eating healthily on the road.


Track your flights

If you’re planning on flying this summer, start tracking your flights now. Flight prices are in constant flux, and the longer you wait, generally, the more expensive a flight becomes. Tracking your flights with a flight tracker like Hopper will allow you to purchase your flight when the price is at the absolute lowest point. Tracking your flight will save you money to put towards the more exciting aspects of your vacation, like the activities.


Spend time outdoors

Checking out the local sites is a fun way to spend a day on vacation, but the cost of theme parks, museums, and other attractions can start to add up. Rather than choosing an activity that costs money, get out in nature and enjoy the great outdoors. Hitting the beach, the trail, or the park is a low-cost way to spend the day while traveling. Check out our other posts to find fun and free activities around Tallahassee.


Take advantage of local deals

Do a bit of research and find out what local activities are budget-friendly. Explore Groupon and other similar services to find discounts on popular activities around Tallahassee. Additionally, most museums around the world offer free admission on Thursdays. So, at the very least, if you plan to visit one of Tallahassee’s premier museums, plan on doing so on a Thursday.


Budget for spontaneity

While planning ahead and budgeting are surefire ways to save money while traveling, sometimes a little spontaneity can be a good thing. Whether it’s a fun night out on the town or a surprise day trip, leaving a little room in your budget for spontaneity will add a sense of adventure to your summer vacation.


Make our Tallahassee hotel, Seven Hills Suites, part of your vacation plans this summer. To find the latest deals on our hotel rooms and suites, click here.

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